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To provide state-of-the-art vitreoretinal care in an easily understood and compassionate fashion, where each individual patient’s best interests are always what guide us.


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We are very proud to have an extremely well trained, professional staff as part of the Retina Care Specialists team.

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New ForeseeHome™ AMD Monitor Helps Doctors to Detect Visual Changes in Patients with the Wet Form of Macular Degeneration from the Comfort of Your Own Home

For those patients who are at risk of vision loss due to the wet form of macular degeneration, we now have the ability to detect your visual changes directly from the comfort of your own home through a secure online connection. Our doctors can now access and analyze valuable data about your vision using the Notal Vision ForeseeHome™ AMD Monitor.

The new telemedicine-based system remotely links us with our patients so that we may closely monitor any visual changes that might occur between office visits. This new technology allows us to frequently watch the progression of the disease for early diagnosis to prevent any further vision loss.