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The doctors and staff at Retina Care Specialists hope you are healthy and feeling well. We want to reassure you that we are open in all locations and caring for our patients in the safest manner possible. Masks are now optional. In the meantime, please stay well and stay safe; and know that we are here to handle your retinal needs. As always, we can be reached at 561.624.0099.

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To provide state-of-the-art vitreoretinal care in an easily understood and compassionate fashion, where each individual patient's best interests are always what guide us.

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We are very proud to have an extremely well trained, professional staff as part of the Retina Care Specialists team. Your knowledge and comfort level are very important to us, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. More About Us


I woke up one morning and thought I had gotten something in my eye. I tried to wash it out but when I continued to feel something unusual in my eye I went to my optometrist. The optometrist gave me eye drops, but when the eye drops didn’t work I was referred to retinal specialist Adrian Laviña, MD. (more…)
Karen Hedeler – Port St. Lucie
I came to Dr. Michels with a diagnosis of macular degeneration. To me, this diagnosis was a terrible prognosis. If I lost my vision, I would no longer be able to drive which would completely alter my life. I was scared and worried. Dr. Michels was very reassuring on my initial visit. (more…)
Ray Riddick – Stuart
In 1995 I developed floaters and flashers in my right eye. At the time I was a pilot flying for Northwest Airlines and was in the orient for 10 days. I was unable to seek medical attention for this problem until I returned home. (more…)
William Gum – Hobe Sound
In November of 2005 the vision in my left eye began to deteriorate very quickly and by Christmas my peripheral vision and depth perception were also deteriorating. All of a sudden I couldn’t read books or newspapers, and I was having trouble on the computer. Driving was also out of the question. (more…)
Richard Guiffreda – Palm City
At age 77 I developed a hole in my macula. The vision in my left eye was getting progressively worse. It got so bad that I could barely see out of it. I was referred to Dr. Adrian Lavina (more…)
Claire Parks – West Palm Beach

On July 4, 2007, I realized that I had a problem. For many years, my ophthalmologist had warned me that due to my nearsightedness, I was at much high risk for a detached retina. (more…)

Lisa Flemming – Pembroke Pines
We can’t remember the last time we wrote a fan letter to a physician. (more…)
Jane (Whitney) Gruson, Washington, CT
When I visited the Retina Care Specialists office with a retinal detachment, you became my doctor. That day and now, eight months later, I thank you and God for your perseverance and determination to ease my concerns. (more…)
Phyllis Collins – West Palm Beach